Project Description

Air Cooled Packaged Chiller

— BS-A Series

About the unit

The term “portable air cooled chillers” refers to the basic configuration of the system, use a single closed-loop design for pressurized refrigerant. The term refers to any chiller system that contains all of the necessary components – the refrigeration circuit, the reservoir, and the pump or pumps – within a single footprint.

The portable air cooled chillers are used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and factory machinery in a wide range of industries, including plastic injection and blow molding industry. The industrial chillers assist to improve the production efficiency and minimize the rejection ratio of finished products.

Sheet extrusion temp. control

Main specification

Temperature rage: Inlet water temp 5℃~35℃
Heat transfer medium: Water
Cooling capacity: 2~113 kw
Refrigeration: R22/R407C


  • Compressor: Adopt the Copeland / Danfoss / Panasonic scroll compressor.
  • Condenser: Adopt upper-blow cooler, double air blow the best cooling effect.
  • Evaporator: Adopt coil type / shell & tube / pleated exchanger type evaporator. High performance of evaporate completely the refrigerant for chilling water.
  • Pump: High-flow pump in smooth operation with minimum noise and no leakage.
  • Control system: Schneider or other famous brand Electric part. Adopt the PID control system which can be remote controlled and support to output the alarm message.
  • Outlook designing: Compact construction, low gravity, no leakage to keep manufacturing plant dry and clean.
  • High precision ±1°C controlled.

Available option

  • RS 485 communication function for remote control
  • PLC control system and touch screen
  • Indoor type / Outdoor type frame / Stainless steel frame
  • Power supply : 220V / 380V / 415V / 460V, 50/60Hz

Function security

  • ON/OFF- Main power switch
  • Non—fuse circuit breaker
  • H/L switch
  • Power reverse phase protection switch
  • Anti-freezing protection
  • Compressor overload protection
  • Chilling water pump overload protection
  • Fan motor overload protection
  • Failure indicator system
  • Failure alarm system
  • Chilling water by-pass circuit
  • Multi-unit delay start control


  • Plastic
  • Leaser
  • Chemical
  • Printing & Laminating
  • Machine tool
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial process
  • Packing
  • Food
  • Roll
  • Packing
  • Food
  • Rubber


Model [BS- ***] Unit02AS03AS05AS08AS10AS12AS15AD20AD25AD30AD40AF
Refrigeration capacityKW4.37.91220.525.228.9415262.583113
×10 3 kcal/hr3.76.810.317.621.724.935.344.753.871.497.2
Consumed powerKW1.983.525.067.710.261315.4920.5263142.5
Running AmpA4.
RefrigeratingType-R22 ( Environmental friendly refrigerant R407C can be choosed )
Control Mode-External equalizer thermostaice expansion valve
PumpType-High efficiency centrifugal pumps
CondenserType-High-efficiency internal thread finned type heat exchanger
Fan NumberSet11122224448
Single Fan PowerKW0.110.420.550.420.550.80.80.550.80.80.55
Air Volumem³/h2600550060001100012000180001800024000360003600048000
EvaporatorWater Pipe-DN25DN40DN50DN65
Water Flow m³/h0.82345589111520
Tank VolumeL255075120120160160250300300500
Width mm6307508508508509009001450155015501800


  • The conditions: chilled water inlet temperature 12 ℃ , the outlet temperature 7℃ , air temperature 35 ℃ ;
  • Power Supply: 3PH-380V-50Hz, allowing voltage fluctuation ± 10%, Allow the voltage difference ± 2%.
  • The specification is subject to change due to product improvement without prior notice.

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